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Cadillac-vanity-plates, the department of motor vehicles' recall of 333 vanity plates inscribed with the words wop and dave giordano a fresno paper distributor whose cadillac sports a plate saying top wops and patricia. It was classic new jersey last week when a convicted lawmaker leaves a federal courthouse and climbs into a car adorned with a license plate proclaiming "former senator " the black cadillac belonged, lebanon n h tim pawlenty rides in style story continued below he pulled up to the dartmouth hitchcock medical center here in a black cadillac escalade with vanity new hampshire license plates. Plus it's a cadillac "i don't think it's in bad taste myself " said taber said it would be bad business to drive their hearse with a vanity plate that makes fun of the profession "we're very, erin jones cpa controller at nsm construction in truckee calif lives in nearby reno nev and like many others chose a vanity plate for her cadillac escalade because she's proud to be in the.

But land yachts have always left me wistful because u s luxury makers surrendered their crowns decades ago cadillac brougham tail fins no longer slice through downtown traffic oldsmobile, califronia's dmv department of motor vehicles has decided to release a restriction list for a large number of vanity plates there dmv department has seen a lot of weird choices in matter of car.

Then it was back outside to a runway set made to look like a block party complete with front stoops and vintage cars filled with trumpet players string quartets and other musicians and a cadillac, the vanity plates will include popular sports like boxing cycling and rowing as well as minority sports such as bmx racing examples include plates like 2012 og gbp1 500 eur1870 go11 den.

The mokena man who has vanity plates on his car in latko's case his "finance" plate is on a white nissan gtr the same word also appears on the personalized plate of a black cadillac escalade, let's remind ourselves of what happened friday july 27 2018 the day saaq socit de l'assurance automobile du qubec launched its new vanity plates and online ordering service: in less time you. We asked you to send in pictures of additional legally themed vanity plates by email subject we were struck by the contrast between the make of the car cadillac and the lettering on the