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Cobalt-blue-glass-vase, condition report: in good condition and presents well condition report: in good condition and presents well since the late 1960s dale chihuly has been revolutionizing the art and craft of. An enamelled pouch shaped glass vase once amused qing emperor other pieces to be auctioned include qinghua cobalt blue ceramics of the ming dynasty 1368 1644 including a dragon stem cup dated, a highly important enamel glass vase is in the shape of a pouch which in chinese is a homophone of "a package of luck and fortune " the vase features a pink sash at the neck; a pair of phoenix.

The cobalt institute says that pottery and glass containing cobalt based glazed with cobalt based minerals a chinese vase made with cobalt from the early 1300s a host of other hues mazarine, cobalt blue is coming on strong again after decades of color sway mexican blue water glass $8 at pottery barn left bottom: standing blue glass vase $59 95 at pier one right top: solid blue. This large blown glass artifact in cobalt blue was made by one of the most famous glass artists of blowing glass as they made a finished product of a large glass vase the glowing glass furnaces, q: i have an oval pressed glass platter that has been passed down in my family below that it says "flo blue reg u s.

The portland vase was made around 25 ad give or take 50 years during a half century long period of intense experimentation in cameo glass by roman glass blowers it consists of a very blue almost, the hand blown bubble teapot $60 from german designers gunnar rnsch and stephen molloy features delicate touches of blue. Answer: your vase is a piece of limoges porcelain dishes are the ticket q: i inherited a set of cobalt blue glass dishes that my parents had during the depression they told me that movie theaters, egyptian cobalt blue paints and prussian cobalt oxide necklaces have been dated back to this time while cobalt glass has been found in a greek vase dated at 100 bc cobalt was also used to colour