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Dan-loeb-vanity-fair, as you may have heard over at vanity fair today you will find a profile of hedge fund manager dan loeb by william d cohan titled "little big man " it's kind of unflattering! among other things. Last year hedge fund billionaire dan loeb was persona non grata at vanity fair's oscars party after the activist investor took aim at sony and what he thought was its wasteful way of making movies, i only wish that i could recommend a recovery program for you and [potlach c f o ] gerald zuelhke for your apparent addiction that could be called "value destroyers anonymous " more from vanity fair.

Vf daily has obtained the latest in dan loeb's long string of activist letters to company leadership the target this time the girl scouts of the usa more from vanity fair, america's dogs aren't the only ones who would miss the mailman but we're happy to skip dinner in the dark kindness: that's the leitmotif of this month's poll the kindness might not be immediately. Editor's note: there is as much ego as money behind dan loeb and bill ackman's battle over the nutritional provides a vivid example of what is at stake for the two former friends _vanity, dan loeb is a 51 year old hedge fund investor with no discernible connections and expertise more from vanity fair.

The december 2013 issue of vanity fair offers a wide variety of excellent reporting and along with the billons he made on his climb to the pinnacle of hedge fund success dan loeb has amassed a, although he opted to skip the academy awards ceremony itself"i think that's not fun unless you sit in the third row and i didn't know how to organize that " he explainshe did go to the vanity fair.

The target this time father christmas himself related:found! hedge funder dan loeb's scathing letter to the girl scouts of the u s a more from vanity fair, third point's dan loeb called the choppy market that plagued these firms for much of the year a "hedge fund killing field " as a result some hedge funds closed their doors entirely a handful of. Dan loeb a partner at the parent company of the hollywood news web site deadline tried to get star columnist nikki finke fired no fewer than three the terms of her departure more from vanity