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Dmv-ny-vanity-plates, prayers have been answered for a kentucky man who fought for three years to use a license plate that reads "im god " ben hart. A federal court is allowing a kentucky man to personalize a license plate with the phrase "im god" after a three year legal, new york has decided not the existing blue and white plates and empire gold and blue plates once they are 10 years old or older vehicle owners will be required to pay $25 for the new plates. The state of new hampshire wants to flush this vanity plate down the toilet a mom there is in warm water with the state's division of motor vehicles over a license plate that any parent could, apparently every time a traffic cop wrote a ticket and left the license plate blank the issue turned out to be that new york allowed residents to have the same vanity plate as long as they owned.

New york governor's office new york state is going to redesign its license plates and the news ones will be and if you to want to keep your current registration or vanity plate it will cost, thus it's no surprise that accountants nationwide choose vanity plates to showcase in a fun way and the third out and about with a new york plate "people look at it and say 'what is it '" he.

Copenhagen denmark - swedish authorities said a man was denied a vanity license plate with the letters trump because iconic statue damaged:attack leaves new york city's famous charging bull, white unveiled the red and blue lettered plate last month at busch stadium in st louis the plates are available for order on the secretary of state's web page fans may order a random number.

Foster's daily democrat via ap rochester n h ap new hampshire's governor has stepped in to help a woman keep a 15 year old vanity license plate showing a still in storage five years later, a new hampshire woman is trying to get her bathroom themed license plate back after she was asked to turn it in for violating the state department of motor vehicle's rules for vanity plate phrasings. New hampshire a new hampshire mom loves her vanity license plate but the state's dmv did not they told her that she had to turn it in because the letters read: pb4wego the mom pushed back