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Flower-vases-for-headstones, torres said thieves appeared interested in any bronze or similar type metal object that could be removed from headstones like vases and picture frames past have mostly just been thieves stealing. Vandals strike miss cemetery; police looking for culprits] the vandals turned over headstones and smashed concrete flower vases causing an estimated $3 000 in damages "we're never going to make an, "i just looked and said 'oh no ' it was a shock " said cook conley the thieves ripped the vases off the headstones and then dumped the flowers next to the empty spot "i wasn't too happy some low.

Berry said she's disappointed she said she paid more money for a vase on her mother's headstone so she could have flowers year round now even those are gone "it's like a big slap in the face " she, this time they were tipped off by clumps of flowers laying around and a pushed over trash can six vases were ripped from headstones at sunset memorial gardens including the headstone for a small. The vandals turned over headstones and smashed concrete flower vases destroying what were meant to be lasting memorials to lost loved ones laurel parks and recreation director elvin ulmer is asking, the suspects are accused of stealing about 30 brass flower vases and damaged headstones at the pinelawn memorial park the suspects have been identified as ronald bruce bartholemew jr jonathan.

Henrico county va - henrico police have arrested a man who is accused of stealing several vases from the washington memorial cemetery in sandston david alexander booth has been charged with five, kent runs the cemetery and weeks ago they discovered headstones were missing something "somebody come in and they confiscated at least 75 vases off of the bronze markers in the cemetery " said kent