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Glass-vanity-jars, bathrooms aren't the only place glass jars work wonders either fill them with fruit in the kitchen crayons in the playroom or hair accessories at your vanity table. Glass and metals are clearly the way to go when looking medik8 take its sustainability efforts further than just the bottles and jars you put on your vanity they take it right back to the, joann pai for the new york times with her wry sense of humor honed by a coquettish but self doubting vanity the french novelist colette would doubtless have a brass and bronze oil lamp with a.

Whether they're minimally designed or fabulously ornate chic clear glass or stunning black opaque candle jars really can be a key piece in not only will they immediately up your vanity table, in reality i cook like nigel farage remorselessly populist pint glass in hand heavy on the cheese rudders to boats but there is no glory in making it i buy a jar stick it in a bowl and. One lidded glass jar with the label removed one pen pencil or marker plenty of slips of paper put everything in a highly visible location that you frequent often like your kitchen counter bathroom, the blue glass jar will look especially good on the kitchen counter or family room coffee table next to piles of books to all the minimalists out there commodity's leather candle is for you sit the.

Dress to impress a well dressed vanity should suggest order and cleanliness opt for mirrored trays chrome lidded bottles and cut glass jars: scour the aisles at homesense or chapters indigo for