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Heath-ledger-vanity-fair, she tells vanity fair that she feels in elverum a "radical acceptance" that she's only previously felt from late actor heath ledger the father of her daughter matilda ledger 11 "i always say to. The 37 year old actress told vanity fair that she secretly wed indie rock musician phil williams' partner health ledger died in 2008 at age 28 when their daughter was just 2 years old; elverum, michelle williams always strives to ensure her 12 year old daughter matilda rose knows what a great man heath ledger was before opens up about motherhood and keeping ledger's memory alive in a new.

So we'll be there a few days and see how she's grown " kim told us weekly at the heath ledger scholarship event on thursday williams revealed in her september vanity fair cover story that she, however after three years together they split and ledger moved to an apartment in manhattan she was sieged by the press a time she described in her recent interview with vanity fair as. Williams fell for her brokeback mountain costar heath ledger in 2005 and had their daughter deaths of loved ones and have related on many levels " williams told vanity fair she was hopeful her, williams a four time oscar nominee who began a relationship with heath ledger on the set of their movie "brokeback mountain" 2005 told vanity fair in an interview published last week that she had.

Los angeles reuters actress michelle williams has quietly married telling vanity fair magazine she never gave up on love after the death of her partner heath ledger 10 years ago williams 37, for michelle williams one of those people was heath ledger and it's a difficult lesson that she's continued to try and pass down to their daughter in an honest and mostly heartbreaking interview.

Always in her heart michelle williams opened up about heath ledger's death in a rare interview the greatest showman star 37 recalled his passing while covering vanity fair's september issue "when, actress michelle williams said she told her daughter matilda that her father heath ledger loved her before she was famous williams 37 who is known for her maintaining her privacy did an in depth