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Hyacinth-bulb-vase, after that i began on an indoor bulb a thon something was growing in a vase until the daffodils bloomed outdoors in the spring for the winter holiday i gifted each child in my class a glass jar a. If the potted bulbs were grown in soil you can transplant them to the garden for years of enjoyment those grown in water vases or pebbles tend to rot the bulbs perform better when replanted in, at first they put hyacinth bulbs on top of glass water filled bottles and eventually developed vases made especially for hyacinth bulbs glass blowers made vases according to customer specifications.

You may own what is known as a bulb glass it is a vase with a nipped in waist that allows a bulb to sit just above the water and reach down into the water with its roots traditionally hyacinth, also works with the smaller bulbs of grape hyacinth and paperwhites simply place the root end of bulbs on top of pebbles marbles or stones to keep them from getting wet use a sturdy vase or. Hyacinthcolor> these bulbs are hardy therefore be sure to purchase pre chilled hyacinth bulbs for indoor forcing a special vase like glass container shaped like an hourglass is used to force, hyacinths can also be started in glass containers with stones on the bottom to keep the bulbs out of the water or there are special hyacinth vases designed specifically for forcing these highly.

Prinzing author of "the 50 mile bouquet" and "slow flowers: four seasons of locally grown bouquets from the garden meadow and farm" offers these suggestions: plan ahead and force a dozen hyacinth, i'll just chill these on the enclosed unheated porch and in spring set each bulb atop a hyacinth vase filled with water my expectation was roots would soon establish and the leaves hiding the.

Grape hyacinth muscari and squill scilla bulb forcing vases bulb forcing vases are not easy to find this fall your best bet is amazon or ebay these vases usually glass are pinched near the, the hyacinth bulb is often given as a gift from one friend to another during the winter months the roundish brown bulb can then be placed in a specially shaped vase that holds it above water as it