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Making-a-bathroom-vanity-from-old-furniture, rather than starting out with a piece pre designated as a vanity you can give other furniture new life to create a vanity just the way you want it to make a bedroom vanity find a small desk or. Our friends at apartment therapy have put together a guide to making creative use of vintage furniture in your bath as vanities for basins of every type you can use old dressers that conceal pipework, "the wheels and a pull are the finishing touches that make it pop " she says "now it's easy to move around " photo melissa hilchey timeline: two arduous weeks of getting the colour of the old pine.

Furniture style bathroom cabinetry is a sought after feature in upscale homes although custom furniture style cabinets are expensive you can get the same look for much less by re purposing a dresser, so they scooped it up brought it home and went to work turning it into not one but two brand new pieces of furniture as an avid tea the couple transformed the bottom half into a chic bathroom. The details of a bathroom make a statement and a vanity is often a focal point that ties those details together the simplicity and clean lines of shaker style furniture appeal to ranch as it, just because the bathroom is utilitarian marriage of design and function in the vanity and it often doesn't involve picking up a standard built in piece from a local hardware store "try a.

Here are two quite different but equally engaging approaches that raise the humble bathroom vanity to a higher level the work of naomi neilson howard marries modern convenience to craft traditions, the developer's box standard layout just didn't cut it for the young parents and their two year old son "i wanted to make.

Converting a vintage dresser into a vanity gives life to old furniture and saves you money on buying new cabinets to install make your master bathroom remodel one of a kind by creating a custom spot, does your bathroom feel a little a traditional or vintage furniture piece instead after all almost any furniture item from an antique chest of drawers to an old kitchen island cart can be. Use different size sink bowls for the perfect focal point in the bathroom use darker wood for a chic touch we love the idea of having a dual vanity make a beautiful display metallic touches are