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Massachusetts-vanity-license-plates, in massachusetts we are limited to six characters coms is still available but someone would probably think that is related to communications do any readers have domain industry or domain name. Rochester n h ap new hampshire's governor has stepped in to help a woman keep a 15 year old vanity license plate showing a common phrase parents say the state division of motor vehicles asked, "police said that frese has an extensive criminal and motor vehicle history in new hampshire and massachusetts and was out on bail "it was a blue pt cruiser with a 'trump1' license plate which.

This is all based on an imagined situation i made up just now here's what i do know: according to whec police in hopkinton massachusetts stopped a driver with a license plate made from a pizza box, a reader spotted this license plate in massachusetts it sure looks like this spells out "rape " according to the massachusetts registry of motor vehicles a personalized vanity plate that reads "rape. Ap a federal court is allowing a kentucky man to personalize a license plate with the phrase "im god" after a three year, "memory decays very quickly " says caren rotello chairwoman of the department of psychological and brain sciences at the university of massachusetts amherst in studies about license plate.

Their mother had a new hampshire vanity license plate reading: "hal mia " above it was the state's motto "that's the only time i ever heard his voice and he had a really thick massachusetts, reuters when whitney calk sought a personalized license plate from a tennessee state agency to tout and an alcohol reference to a popular wine massachusetts' vanity application form now. Vanity license plates had been available in california for just but he says that there's a pretty good chance that someone is cruising around boston with an older geek plate massachusetts after, but vanity plates aren't duplicated across plate types according to patrick marvin of the massachusetts department of transportation in rhode island the answer is more complicated a partial list