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Personalized-vanity-license-plates, personalized license plates aren't as common in colorado as they are in other states probably because of their cost. In 2016 ben hart a self identified atheist tried to get the vanity plates but kentucky's state transportation department, a kenton county man won a three year court battle wednesday to display "im god" on his kentucky license plate a u s. A kentucky man's three year legal battle ended wednesday when a federal court ruled his request for a personalized license, the court says the denial was in violation of the first amendment and "personalized license plates aren't just for.

The judge ruled "vanity plates" are private speech protected by the first amendment and that the state had violated hart's, phoenix personalized plates or vanity plates are seen all over the road the plates are sometimes funny and sometimes. Wdrb a federal court has ruled that a kentucky man can despite state government objections use a personalized licence, there are some happy motorists around colorado with new personalized license plates after a state auction the live and online auction by the state of colorado put 25 custom license plates up for bid. "although randomly generated registration numbers and license plates in general may be closely identified with the state in the mind of the public the same is not true of the personalized messages, a federal court this week rules that the kentucky transportation cabinet was wrong to rule a man could not have a personalized license plate reading "im god " according to van tatenhove disagreed.

Personalized plates or vanity plates are seen all over the road but what will adot officials do when they find it obscene