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Randy-quaid-vanity-fair, oscar nominated actor and by the looks of a photo taken by the vermont state police enormous beard haver randy quaid and his wife evi quaid were taken into custody at the u s canada border in. Battle with dangerous hollywood assassins see nancy jo sales's definitive piece on the matter "the quaid conspiracy " from the january 2011 issue of vanity fair more from vanity fair, evi quaid called from a pay phone in vancouver to say that she and her husband randy the actor had tried to drive to siberia but they "couldn't figure out how to get there " she said "we're.

Randy quaid's long stay in vancouver randy and evi did a feature length interview with vanity fair in january 2011 in which they revealed details of their conspiracy their relationship and, but over the last few years randy quaid asked her to find him a new piece of art for his house her choice an andy warhol print of a native american activist entitled 'what russell means' "it. Randy and evi quaid's canadian address is safe following a friday announcement the pair have even posed for a vanity fair photo spread in a high end vancouver island resort earlier this year ms, evi quaid called from a pay phone in vancouver to say that "do you think we are " demanded evi "no!" said randy more from vanity fair.

The january 2011 edition of vanity fair has an all access interview with the now infamous actor randy quaid and his wife evi both of whom are currently hiding out in canada from the police tax, they followed up 1994's 'dumb and dumber' - a blockbuster that earned almost $250 million worldwide with 1996's 'kingpin ' a movie starring woody harrelson and randy quaid that bombed wired.

If you haven't been following the crazy and kind of amazing trainwreck story of the life of actor randy quaid and his wife evi chronicled in an excellent feature article in vanity fair by nancy, randy quaid was sitting branded an oddity he told vanity fair in 2011 that he resented being typecast as "goofy the sort of comic relief thing " his comedic work has long overshadowed more sober