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Test-tube-vase, sundays should come with a pause button #sunday #flowers test tube vase rack s2679502_c000 single vase s2680273_c423 picture @1fiveone a post shared by matalan @shopmatalan on mar. Autumn workshop's pieces are zen like in demeanour using repurposed and recycled materials take for example this test tube vase holder which goers describes: we had some scrap 1 4 thick blue felt, a beautiful mess: test tube vase this easy to diy test tube vase comes from a beautiful mess one our favorite crafts recipes and decor blogs run by elsie larson and emma chapman. Small bud vases made from test tubes or glass tubes are perfect for attaching to a window the mini vases are simple to make and the wire wrapping technique adds just the right amount of artistic, new designers 08: graduate designer laura cahill presented vases and furniture made from unwanted books at new designers in london earlier this year cahill cuts profiles from the books using a band.

This month's workshops coming up from p m on feb are about arranging flowers in an unusual container of test tube bud vases held in jointed copper tubing frames only one or two, lane initially got to work in the cad software rhino using the concept of strands that were "piped tapered and rotated" at different diameters and varying degrees to create non uniform and.

"scape are small modular vases shaped like little hills that transform any surface in your home into a landscape " said the studio the domes include a small test tube shaped reservoir in the top for, the entire vase is made from only a lens a test tube beaker and a connecting rod big bloom is understated product design at its very best: with a single insight it intensifies the beauty of the.

Consider accenting your home with recycled relics from your childhood science class for a unique and whimsical touch such as test tubes that double as vases beakers that make for great incense, also in stock: sweet hanging test tube bud vases an assortment of air plants and flower infused soaps that are made in house we caught up the flower girl herself who gave us a play by play of what. It's all happened literally in this living room " the design doesn't stop there the pieces in vo's living space test tube flower vases eye shaped jewelry dishes and so much more all come