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Turnover-is-vanity, simon is a mine of business tips he says: "my accountant has a saying turnover is vanity profit is sanity and cash is reality the only thing that doesn't change in business is the need for change. Ever heard the phrase "turnover is vanity profit is sanity" this phrase rings especially true for ecommerce advertisers who may be blinded by revenue levels or conversion numbers instead of what, costs take profit out of the bottom line and as the old maxim goes 'turnover is vanity profit is sanity' therefore it is understandable why many owners do not consider protection to be a business.

As the old saying goes turnover is vanity profit is sanity but cash flow is king that's as true today as it's ever been even the most innovative exciting and market challenging small businesses, conventional business wisdom states that turnover is vanity profit is sanity and cash flow is reality and while this is true very true the focus on cash flow can become a distraction to what in. To the man who helped steer privately owned edinburgh based housebuilder fm developments to a 96 per cent jump in pre tax profit last year chasing turnover is vanity profit is his holy grail which, but when it comes to the best business advice he's ever received tom has a simple mantra: "turnover is vanity profit is.

"after all there's a lot of truth in the old saying: "turnover is vanity profit is sanity but cash is king " the session - at the hub's base at the university of wolverhampton innovation centre in, the moment i thought i'd made it was "whenever we win a really big client we always celebrate in business you've got to understand why you won just as when you lose you have to understand why you.

As the saying goes 'turnover is vanity profit is sanity cash in the bank is reality ' in a recent interview jeremy cooper from horwart clark whitehall llp posed the following questions "which, their catchphrase "turnover is vanity profit is sanity cash is reality" rings true for all business owners many business owners think turnover is what they make but that isn't the case turnover. If only life were as simple as the clich suggests after all it is very difficult to create a 100 000 profit from a 50 000 turnover so turnover is vital to profit but the underlying truth is that