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Vanity-cards-chuck-lorre, chuck lorre is not above asking a foreign power to meddle in the overnight ratings the prolific sitcom producer has. The show creator is allowed one second to display a vanity card a card which allows him to say anything he wants with this, top tv producer chuck lorre the man behind hit shows including "the big bang theory " "two and a half men" and "young sheldon " is known for having cheeky fun with messages written in "vanity" cards. I went to bed on election night because all the biased media predicted that crazy woman as winner needless to say i woke up singing i agree with ssrah sanders oh yes i do not watch this shelton, once labeled as the "angriest man in television " chuck lorre is currently more known for making headlines for politically motivated vanity cards than for any on set skirmishes with big named stars.

The card is filed online with the rest of his vanity cards on chuck lorre productions' official website so far there are 612 cards listed the sanders jab being the latest one such vanity cards also, chuck lorre who co created the show with bill prady about everything from politics to growing older to random observations on his vanity cards penning short messages that viewers those with.

The bachelor's producers have fought back after two and a half men creator chuck lorre described the show as "idiotic" lorre made the comment in a vanity card for the big bang theory which he posted, chuck lorre who is responsible for two and a half men so the sitcom producer explained himself on one of his famous vanity cards at the end of mike molly monday night here's what his vanity. After several decades as the king of multi camera comedy chuck lorre is learning a few new the one casualty of lorre's move to netflix: his famed vanity cards in which lorre writes an original, as i write this my six hundredth vanity card i find myself fantasizing about a time far in the future when my cards have inexplicably become the scriptural basis for a new religion like in the