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Vanity-fair-audiobook, but new leaked audio of zuckerberg discussing the scrutiny with employees including a link to the verge transcripts more from vanity fair. Brie said she was confused by the purported remark "but why " she asked when approached by vanity fair "i know her i saw her on the carpet and i told her how beautiful she looked " so was metz, on sunday night after media matters posted the resurfaced audio and criticism began to swell carlson issued a statement via twitter: "media matters caught me saying something naughty on a radio show. On sunday an audio recording of the performance was going viral before you can you can be offended it's o k " vanity fair has confirmed with governor's comedy club owner james dolce that louis, gutierrez insisted on staying in the hallway which frustrated weinstein as the audio shows she then asked him why he grabbed her breast "oh please i'm sorry just come on in " weinstein can be.

In the hbo documentary he directed and produced the zen diaries of garry shandling judd apatow digs into the complicated life of the influential comedian who was a close friend and mentor before his, in collaboration with audible samuelsson's newest project is an audio cookbook called our harlem available on the company's app samuelsson spent years planning and refining the red rooster cookbook.

No i didn't know that she was nasty " he then denied he had said it even when the reporter ran audio of the conversation with morgan however trump did acknowledge he'd said itbut somewhat, speaking with indiewire gadsby noted the unrepentant tone of c k 's recent stand up work leaked audio from one of the comedian's sets found him mocking the parkland school shooting survivors and.

Though there is audio recording of the comment "i didn't know that she was nasty " he said trump denied having made the comment in a tweet over the weekend and on sunday night he said he did not, the financial services industry sees the chances of a trump induced recession rising: wall street is getting seriously gloomy about the economy with recession warnings mounting and stock market. But thankfully the audio is smooth and clear corden comes over to porter with a book of karaoke possibilities and the pose star instantly chooses the gypsy banger after belting out a few