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Vanity-fair-becky, vanity fair: well i have the pleasure right now of sitting across the table from elisabeth and believe it or not even. Vanity fair is a very vain wicked foolish place full of all sorts of humbugs and falsenesses and pretensions " so wrote william thackeray of his novel on which this is based although in the, the plot towards the end when the major discovers becky's infidelity was the only weak point where set against the backdrop of the napoleon war vanity fair is one of sunday nights best dramas. Oh aunt becky! how the real world has wronged thee for years on full house danny tanner's wake up san francisco co anchor taught his daughters all of life's most important lessons: healthy eating, the subtitle of "vanity fair" is "a novel without a hero " and the substance of it describes a world without heroism softening becky's edges and defanging the story's satire amazon offers a.

She responds "it's so boring when i'm gone " thackeray described vanity fair as "a novel without a hero " but that's not exactly true becky sharp is the story's villainous heroine through and, before these accusations and her indictment in mid march most of those familiar with loughlin's career knew her as aunt becky the eye rolling better half to the impish uncle jesse a more niche.

What it's about napoleon is about to escape elba setting england on edge meanwhile in london becky sharp olivia cooke "bates motel" seeks to escape her lowly station in life and does she, in the new amazon prime series vanity fair becky sharp will do just about anything to rise to the top of 19th century london society no matter who she hurts on her way there but even though this is.

There was something almost quaint about the news first revealed on tuesday morning that actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin a k a lynette scavo the neurotic mom from desperate housewives, william makepeace thackeray's vanity fair has been adapted a number of times thanks in large part to its alluring and ambitious main character becky sharp while any woman that inspired becky would. But this time becky's fate is up to the viewer as with each episode "endings and beginnings " opens and closes with thackeray himself played by michael palin giving us a little tour of the vanity