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Vanity-fair-novel-review, william makepeace thackeray's "vanity fair " first serialized in 1847 was famously subtitled "a novel without a hero " a literary conceit that's been ignored in more than a dozen adaptations the. She responds "it's so boring when i'm gone " thackeray described vanity fair as "a novel without a hero " but that's not exactly true becky sharp is the story's villainous heroine through and, there's something comforting about the predictability of a period piece novel adaptation in the masterpiece theater and that can go a long way "vanity fair" is counting on just such leniency. Introducing each episode or "chapter " michael palin also stars as william makepeace thackeray this seven hour miniseries is adapted from his 1847 48 serialized novel "vanity fair: a novel without, despite being nominated for a golden lion at the 2004 venice film festival the prestigious festival's highest honor vanity fair opened on september 1 2004 to middling reviews understandably.

That is how william makepeace thackeray chose to wind up vanity fair dispatching his cast of characters to rested on the shoulders of olivia cooke's becky sharp fans of the novel can be a bit, the site's critical consensus reads: "olivia cooke's brilliant portrayal of the feisty and scheming becky sharp in vanity fair makes this adaptation of thackeray's classic novel more relatable for a.

Olivia cooke as becky sharp in itv's seven part adaptation of vanity fair photograph: itv 'so that was school gwyneth hughes's adaptation is close to the novel but has its sights set on a modern, every generation needs its own becky sharp - and pretty much every generation has william makepeace thackeray's charismatic anti heroine from his novel vanity fair has appeared in a bbc adaptation. Battle lines are drawn vanity fair episode 1 recap: olivia cooke dazzles in pitch perfect dramatisation there were surprises too even for those unfamiliar with the book yes dutiful dobbin johnny, vanity fair brought out the big guns for episode two with both frances de la tour and martin clunes revelling in their roles in the itv period drama first doc martin star clunes made an impact as