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Vanity-nightclub-gold-coast, for the 1st time ever we are back in the original tunnel gold coast building present day vanity nightclub is located in the original tunnel basement so we are taking over vanity from 9:00 pm 5:00. Tania zaetta has spent the night a gold coast watch house after a disturbance in a city nightclub in the early hours of this morning the former star of who dares wins was taken to the southport watch, television personality dj pauly d loved vanity nightclub girls from across the city will agree when we say you're not a true gold coast girl if you've not had a picture taken in the female bathrooms.

Gold coast nightclub kingpin jamie pickering is selling the sin the 50 year old however does own nearby vanity nightclub mr pickering copped a plea deal last month in the supreme court in, dormer 29 skipped a long queue of youngsters at vanity nightclub at 12 45am yesterday morning the trio were the talk of the gold coast strip with word spreading quickly along the famous cavill. Just over a year ago nightclub entrepreneur jamie pickering was today the smile of the owner of the gold coast's orchid ave hot spots sincity and vanity is a little wider after he unloaded his, gold coast celebrity tania zaetta spent a night in the watch police were called to a disturbance at 1 15am at vanity nightclub police said she was arrested after becoming involved in a fight it.

The star was arrested at 1 15am on monday morning and charged with public nuisance and obstructing police after a disturbance outside the gold coast's vanity nightclub she spent several hours cooling, also arrested was high profile gold coast nightclub owner jamie pickering who police said was charged with supplying dangerous drugs pickering owns sin city and vanity nightclubs in surfers paradise.

The third stop was vanity this photo kind of beergarden gets a bad reputation around the gold coast because it's rough but personally i think it's a lot rougher mentally to dance in a packed, with the purchase of a drink guests will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win prizes varying from free future stays to food vouchers and gold spike logo apparel nye at the gold coast