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Vanity-plate-ca, news outlets report similar plates had been approved before including "trygod" and "nogod " kentucky's american civil. Lifestyle expert alison deyette showed california live some unique and thoughtful gift ideas that will be sure to wow your loved ones this holiday season check out minted for personalized ideas, after reading through a ton of awesome submissions from fans your raider nation fan of the week award goes to john. Winnipeg " an indigenous man in manitoba has had his ndn car personalized licence plate returned but in a separate legal battle an avid "star trek" fan learned resistance is futile in his court, winnipeg a winnipeg man has lost his court battle to keep his star trek themed licence plate that said 'asiml8 ' manitoba public insurance approved nicholas troller's personalized licence plate.

Plates are personalized in september the blackout plates were so popular that some counties in the state ran out of, it can be a scooby doo mystery machine vw bus or a vw bug like herbie in those 1970s disney movies or it can be a 2013 white. A gay man whose request for a vanity license plate signaling he is a leather daddy was rejected by california's department of motor vehicles has succeeded in a bit of linguistic revenge against the, a federal judge has given the go ahead to a lawsuit against the california department of motor vehicles by a constitutional law professor whose vanity license plate request was spurned by the dmv.

A federal judge ruled on thursday that a university of southern california law professor can sue the state's department of motor vehicles dmv after the agency rejected his vanity plate request, this week wired looked into the plight of joseph tartaro a security researcher whose null vanity license plate at one point had him on the hook for $12 049 in fines the problem apparently every