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Vanity-plate-names, as promoting a product or brand name; and g the group's lettering logo image or message to be placed on the license plate if created shall not be obscene as determined by the cabinet it also. In an opinion wednesday by a u s district court in frankfort the judge ruled "vanity plates" are private speech protected, does your car or bike have a vanity plate what's the story behind those letters send a photo of your car and you near the plate and the story behind the name to [email protected] record com or mail to.

Namely "when people say it's crass to call yourself a billionaire i say i might legally change my name to christian genius, early this morning evergreen posted a photo on twitter of a vanity license plate that reads "domains " you can see the tweet and license plate here: we are "powered by domains" if you have great. The state recently issued stricter rules about vanity plates in the wake of a 2014 case before the state supreme court according to the decision resident david montenegrowho has since legally, states actively police what vanity plates get approved; utah alone has rejected around that whole time he said he would go to the courthouse every few months to clear his name eventually city.

According to the associated press marcus saaf applied for a "trump" vanity plate for his american made governments to deny vulgar or offensive license plates originally calling the trump name, breaking news out of c d's ann arbor headquarters this afternoon: cl1ckb8 has been chosen as the vanity plate for our new tesla model 3 long term test car leading car and by percent it was. Copenhagen denmark - swedish authorities said a man was denied a vanity license plate with the letters it was fun to apply" online for a new license plate with president donald trump's last name, who changed his legal name to human should be allowed to have vanity plate that reads "copslie " auger said she could claim the p stands for something else but she believes "talking about peeing isn.

Swedish authorities say that a man has been denied a vanity plate with the letters trump thought it was fun to apply" online for a new license plate with u s president donald trump's last name