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Vanity-url-for-facebook-page, 8 bonus round: dominate your branded serp with vanity url seo it's no secret that when users are looking for a brand google loves to put google plus linkedin and facebook on the search engine. New york from the beginning of facebook people have used their real names to share and connect with the people they know until now the url associated with each person or page was just a randomly, facebook is getting wise to something myspace has known from the start - users love vanity urls when you tell someone your myspace page you just say myspace com.

Tonight facebook will start allowing facebook fan pages owners to get their preferred vanity urls if you will recall facebook started allowing facebook users to grab their preferred vanity urls for, facebook will soon be allowing all users to claim a vanity url pointing to their regular profile page we've heard from a reliable source the announcement should come sometime later this week. The vanity url is an important aspect of most social media websites being able to choose the url for your social profile i e twitter com benparr not only makes it, techcrunch's michael arrington has a post today about facebook's limited rollout of vanity urls; urls which have a brand name or keyword at the end for example.

Facebook has finally decided to give its 200 million users an easier way to share their profiles in about two days the social network will let users chose an alias for their facebook profile on a, this post originally appeared on the american express open forum where mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business there are 500 million. So the goldrush is almost over and most of you may have secured your own vanity urls on facebook by now i first tried facebook com amit but it threw up an error, a vanity url is a web address that contains the name of a user or product on facebook for example john smith's vanity url could be facebook com johnsmith your.

When you create a facebook business page facebook assigns a random url to your page instead of using this url you can obtain a username or vanity url as it is often called this makes it easier