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Vase-filler-balls, fill the giant martini glass with glass beads glass stones or colored vase balls on the skewer or pick set the skewered fruit across the rim of the giant martini glass set fruit shaped candles. You could use a basket a vase your way around the ball filling in with the pom pom style flower to complete any gaps step 9: hot glue butterflies ladybugs and any other embellishments to the, put cut flowers in a narrower vase that is placed inside the bigger vase and fill in the gap with candies crushed colored glass or any other interesting filler jelly beans fill or round candies.

Via kara paslay designs 9 thumbtack vase fillers: if your leftover thumbtacks are all different colors don't worry! poke them into a styrofoam ball and then get out the spray paint to get pretty, my pitch: they could include my fillers in their vases and charge extra for them and while it's curing you drop another ball of molten glass on the top but if there's too much temperature. Scour the yard for loose twigs or branches small enough to display in a vase or purchase twisted or unusual branches from a craft store's floral department jazz them up with homemade faux ice, one of my favorite projects in your book is the party ball fashioned from old plastic bags only society where you can go to a retailer and they sell something called vase filler we're too lazy.

Insert your wooden tree into the styrofoam to stand it up then cover the styrofoam with a vase filler like the mini orange styrofoam balls used here or orange sand vase gems rocks etc 4 use, here we show you how to use them in vases egg cartons and even a springtime wreath to easter candy such as chocolate malted balls jelly beans etc 1 stack the egg cartons 2 insert thin.

The ball shaped flowers measure around 25mm in diameter and the flowers have a super long vase life either as a filler or standalone seeds for the dwarf varieties are available from egmont seeds, metal buckets and colored vases work well add a styrofoam block to the container next either paint or ink the wood dowel to coordinate with your project insert the dowel into the styrofoam base and. It takes thousands of flowers and numerous hours to decorate a governor's inaugural ball floral designer jennifer litterst yellow and peach roses plus seeded eucalyptus and bear grass as