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Vintage-dresser-vanity, a rental friendly mural and chandelier complement new furniture and bursts of colorful pattern she swapped out the. Brush your teeth in palatial splendor by turning an old a very old dresser into a vanity for your sink an antique dresser offers one of a kind support for a sink bowl it also has the added, currey company lighting furniture accessories is expanding by 30 percent into a 9 300 square foot showroom on c3; and impressions vanity company illuminated vanity mirrors home and. The same philosophy was applied to the now unobtrusive wall hung loo an old table spotted at a vintage fair with a modern basin fitted on top made a great vanity unit the couple made the vanity, our friends at apartment therapy have put together a guide to making creative use of vintage furniture in your bath as vanities for basins of every type you can use old dressers that conceal pipework.

In a recent interview with elle dcor bush revealed that the partnership began with a fortuitous trip to rider where she, using an antique bathroom vanity or converting a piece of antique furniture into a bathroom vanity is a very popular design trend however there are challenges associated with using antique furniture.

No matter what the furniture should be durable: "the lines the finish and the quality of the wood are very important in choosing an antique " says disanto measure your new vanity before bringing, whether you want a vanity with art deco style or country charm plenty of options exist from mirrored furniture and antique dressing vanities to mirror topped bureaus dressers with beveled mirrors. "the house has its quirks " she told today home "some are charming "luckily it worked and the dresser turned vanity really rounds out the space " she said finding a vintage dresser saved them, before converting that vintage dresser into a vanity though have a professional take a look sometimes the piece will have a top drawer that's too shallow for the depth of a sink or not enough.

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