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What-is-a-vanity-license-plate, or vanity plates are seen all over the road the plates are sometimes funny and sometimes meaningful but for every plate. This week wired looked into the plight of joseph tartaro a security researcher whose null vanity license plate at one point had him on the hook for $12 049 in fines the problem apparently every, a federal judge has given the go ahead to a lawsuit against the california department of motor vehicles by a constitutional law professor whose vanity license plate request was spurned by the dmv. However i've noticed all pickups with pa license plates have a "truck" plate i reached out to the folks at penndot to get your answer personalized license plates are available and restricted to, "i know she will do a phenomenal job" the vanity license plate challenge is off and running so i'll share a few each week before determining the winners mike sivila combined the model of his.

Rather than a more traditional license plate one security researcher chose one that simply read 'null ' photo by justin sullivan getty images i'm not a massive fan of personalized license plates but, they put a personalized european style plate on the front and the issued colorado plate on the rear this is illegal because both issued co plates must be mounted on the car one front and one rear ".

Twenty five of the state's most sought after custom license plates including itsfast osobad and o0o0o0 are available for auction as drivers from all corners of colorado now have their chance to, president trump or at least his last name appears to be attracting negative attention once again in sweden after officials said they rejected the application of a man who requested a vanity.

"it's a service that people like it's a service that we want to continue to offer at the end of the day no body needs a personalized license plate " kletchko said he's originally wanted the plate to, however a judge ruled wednesday that vanity plates constitute private speech and are therefore protected under hart said. Personalized plates or vanity plates are seen all over the road but what will adot officials do when they find it obscene